[Nyonya Leaf] Signature Nyonya Sauce 百搭娘惹酱 240g
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Size (L x W x H) 19 cm x 14 cm x 14 cm
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-No Seasoning Required

-No Preservative


-No Colouring

-All Natural Ingredients

Let me share with you a secret! Cut yourself out from the grocery shop, Let us serve you a glass of our homemade aromatic Nyonya sauce

【Nyonya Leaf sauce】

From the process of the natural ingredients such as garlic, chili, calamansi, ginger flower, cincalok, curry powder, and some little little spices, brings out a special metrical aroma once the cap off from the glass. This most important part is, this aroma will make you ready for your cooking immediately!!

Let me tell you our Nyonya Sauce can cook what kind of Nyonya cuisine

-Nyonya stir fried Lady finger

-Nyonya sauce baked fish/ chicken

-Nyonya steam fish

-Nyonya stir fried long bean

-Nyonya Fried Rice/ mee/ mee hun

-Nyonya Stir Fried Seafood

-Nyonya Chicken Chop

-Nyonya Prawn Ball

-Nyonya Vermicelli Soup