Nyonya Leaf started with homemade Nyonya kuih for catering in 2011. Founded on the principle of giving the best quality and authentic aroma taste especially the Nyonya kuih with well guarded recipes passed down over the years from founder grandmother, a Penang Nyonya. We emphasize fresh natural ingredients, no colouring and no preservative! The Nyonya cuisines is a unique & vibrant cuisine that encompasses the influence of traditional Malay, Chinese & European culture. A commitment to excellent, Nyonya Leaf ’s vision is offering the best Malaysian street food and Nyonya cuisine to win the heart of local consumers as well as globally.     















At Nyonya Leaf, we serve our valued customer the delicious Malaysian street food, authentic Nyonya cuisines that suit a wide variety of tastes under one roof in a comfortable, clean & airconditioned environment. Nyonya Leaf Authentic Food Sdn Bhd incoporated in 2014 started its first    central kitchen and outlet in Johor Bahru, Johor. After 3 years expansion, currently Nyonya Leaf has 6 outlets in Johor Bahru, 1 in Kuala Lumpur. In year 2018 Nyonya Leaf is expecting to open another 2 outlets in Johor Bahru and 2 outlets in KL. Exploring oversea expansion opportunities    includes Singapore, China & Indonesia.


Nyonya Leaf Authentic Food Sdn Bhd incorporated in 2014 and the the 1st  outlet was established in City Square Johor Bahru. 2nd outlet at   Komtar JBCC Johor Bahru. Supported by Central kitchen, all our sales  outlets set up in major malls of Johor Bahru & Kuala Lumpur. Signature   Products Nyonya Leaf specialize in authentic nyonya kuih. Beside keeping  the high food quality, we emphasize on healthy food, no coloring and no preservative!


Our menu covers most of the popular Malaysian street foods inclusive the Nyonya curry laksa, Nasi lemak pandan rendang chicken, Penang    assam laksa, prawn mee, hot & cold desserts that cater for all Malaysian at all age! Our menu will not miss out the Malaysian popular choice……    deep fried items ! We serve Nyonya fried chicken, our best selling cucur udang, curry puff , roasted sweet potato, curry puff, fishball etc.


Nyonya Leaf was awarded with the Certificate of Appreciation from Taste of Malaysia for 2015 by a notable connoisseur, Chef Martin Yan.